As an International Cable Assembly and Harness Supplier, we are committed to guarantee perfect quality to our customers. Our commitments on "high quality" come from our team’s comprehensive understanding in quality. We have designed strict audit and quality control process to assure ourselves and our suppliers are offering the best practice. Below process describe how CABLEFORCE managing to ensure our customer quality products:
-- With implement complete and deep studies of all our customer technical documents, files and drawings before production. These strict procedures help us to avoid any misunderstanding at initial stage. At that step we do the maximum to be sure that we understand very clearly all our customers technical and quality requirements.

-- All processes in CABLEFORCE are fulfilled according to previous experiences, knowledge accumulated procedures and job instructions properly. Incoming quality control, process control, 100% control (electrical and eye control), final control operations are made particularly up to finished product stage.

-- Inspections applied during quality control: RoHS Certification and internal test is applied to all incoming material and parts and 100% electrical test before shipment. Calibrations for all measurement and inspection equipments used in production are made by autonomous establishments regularly. Quality department staff is trained with both internal and external continuing technical trainings.

-- We implement quality follow up of our own business operations concerning quality level, shipment performance, services level, etc... In case of any drift in our products and service quality level, we will very quickly audit the related department or system in order to find and solve the issues. And we will put pressure on the dept. and person in charge in order to push them to come back as soon as possible in the quality level which is necessary for our customers.

-- Strictly, all the business and production operation are in accordance with ISO 9001 quality management system requirements and 6S on-site management system.

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