At Cableforce, you will experience our value-add Engineering Services. As an essential part of Cableforce’s value-added integration solutions, we work closely with customers firstly to identify the electrical fundamental need as well as the application environmental demands, and then define the cable and connector’s parameters. Once the project details are finalized, we will start, evaluate and optimize product design, select the right material and minimize manufacturing costs. With our systems, our process, our people and our extensive vendor base affords us solutions in the following technologies:
-- CAD specification design
-- Connectors & component‘s 3D structure design
-- Connector’s Prototyping
-- Cable specification designing, sourcing and developing
-- Cable Strain Relief design and molding
-- Packaging and Labeling design

Product Development

Years of cable industry experience across a wide and diverse spectrum of application enables Cableforce designing cable solutions with shorten product development time and are cost effective. Working with cross functional teams including Structure Design, Mechanical and Electrical Engineers as well as extensive suppliers of Cable, Contacts, Tooling, Metal Parts, Plastics, Custom Cable Machines, Packaging, Logistic, Cableforce delivers practical application oriented solutions and timely project management expertise. Our customers keep on coming back year after year for our support and follow through on:
-- Conceptual design
-- Structure and mechanical design
-- CAD, UG, Solidworks modeling and detailing CAD、UG、Solidworks
-- Simulation, analysis and prototyping
-- 3D scanning and printing
-- Die-casting and Plastic molding tooling development
-- Right material choosing and Verification
-- Prototyping and verifying
-- Product testing and manufacturing
-- In-house Specification measuring
-- Contacts resistance test
-- Voltage and current rating test
-- Temperature shock testing
-- Hi-pot testing
-- IP67 waterproof testing
-- Hydrolysis resistant testing
-- Metal Parts’ Salt-spray testing
-- Oil resistant testing
-- Contacts mating life testing
-- Cable tension pull force testing
-- FLUKE Ethernet performance testing
-- UL, CE, CSA, EN, IP67, EMC, LVD, LSZH, NFPA130 Certification support.

Cableforce Electronics Co., Limited

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