Cableforce’s cable and connector products are built to high performance in different tough industrial manufacturing environments, such as Grade SUS# 316L stainless steel connectors for the food processing industry, Armored cable with plastic conduit or steel flex conduit for outdoor machines, LSZH NFPA 130 certified cable for Metro and High speed train, CAT 6A/ CAT 7 Ethernet patch cable for 10Gbps bandwidth data transmission for industrial camera link or rail CCTV, as well as NMEA 2000 Boat cable connectors.
In addition to standard industrial circular connectors, CABLEFORCE prides itself in supplying customized developed cable and connections to meet customers’ specific requirements, as well as customers branding, labeling service.

Our Technology

-- Cable professional cutting, stripping and heating stripping
-- Cable Soldering, Crimping, Stamping, Mounting, Assembling
-- Connector molding, assembling, measuring and testing
-- Contacts, Screw, Metal parts CNC machining and Plating
-- Die-casting and mold making
-- FKM, Silicone molding
-- Pad printing
-- Labeling

Cableforce Electronics Co., Limited

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