CABLEFORCE provides with almost unlimited high-reliability circular sensor connectors and cables which are suited for various factory automation and industrial applications for signals, data and power as well as harsh industrial and climatic environments, such as: High temperature range endurance, Hydrolysis resistant, Oil resistant, Corrosion resistant, UV-Resistant, Abraion resistant, Bending and Drag Chain applicable.

- M5, M8, M12, M16, M23, 7/8" Series
- Wide range of pin contacts configuration (2~17-pole)
- Protection degree IP65, IP67, IP68, IP69K
- Screw locking and anti-vibration design
- soldering, crimping, screwing and PCB dip soldering termination options
- 360° shielding is available
Cableforce manufactures and supplys extensive selection of connecting cables for all major industrial networks, sensor cabling, with various material and tailor-made specifications and connectors for application-specific use around the world. We are quite experienced in the manufacturing of Sensor Cable, Industrial Ethernet Cable, Camera Link Cable, Fieldbus Cable, Rail Rransit CCTV Cable, NMEA 2000 Boat Cable etc.

● Custom Material: Temperature Resistant, Flexible, UV Resistance, Oil Resistance, LSZH, Hydrolysis Resistance;
● Connector Configuration: Single Ended, Double Ended, multi Ended, multi-core wire, mixed joint and other configurations;
● Mechanical Reliable: Mating Life, EMI/ EMC Shielding, Waterproof, Dustproof, Anti Vibration, Abraision Resistant, Bending Endurance, Drag Chain, etc;
● Transmission Performance: Bandwidth, Voltage and Current rating, Impedance and Measurement Accuracy, etc.
CABLEFORCE developed M12 A-Coded, M12 D-Coded, M12 X-Coded and RJ45 Industrial Ethernet connectors and cordsets, compatible with Cat 5E, Cat 6A and Cat 7 Categories. The Cableforce Ethernet connectors and cordsets deliver high-speed transmission up to 10 Gbps with superior quality. The products design have considered waterproof, harsh temperature shocking, hydrolysis resistant, oil resistant, anti-vibration, bending and drag chain, abrasion resistance and endurance performance.

● Straight and Right Angled, Single or double ended
● IP67 rated, 360° EMC & EMI shielded
● Cat 5E, Cat 6A, CAT 7 with 22AWG, 24AWG or 26AWG cables
● PVC, PUR, LSZH, NFPA130, Drag Chain various specific material available
Of NMEA 2000, CABLEFORCE have developed the N2K Trunk-line (15AWG+18AWG) and drop-line 22AWG+24AWG cable and connectors, includes: Micro/ Mid cable and bulkhead, Mini cable and bulkhead,T-Connectors, Power-tap, 120 ohm terminator as well as Power fuse cable. During the designing stage we have taken following factors into consideration, such as waterproof, harsh temperature shocking, hydrolysis resistant, oil resistant, anti-chemical, corrosion resistance, UV resistance, abrasion resistance, plug mating force and endurance performance.

● Mini Cable, Mid Cable, Micro Cables Connectors
● T-Connector, Power-tap, Terminator, Power fuse
● Panel mount bulkhead connectors
● Cable length can be customized
● Protection degree: IP67, IP68
● Temperature range: -40°C ~ 80°C
Cableforce –design, manufacture and sales custom cables, connectors and wire harness worldwide, we engineer and manufacture cable and connectors for Factory Automation industry, Sensor and Control equipment, Servo motor system, Marine Entertainment System, LED lightings, Wind Power and Solar Power Control System, Semi-Conductor, Medical Equipment Consumer Electronics, Agricultural Machine, and Special applications cables, such as:

● Servo, PLC, Motor, Encoder's power cable and signal cables
● Robot Drag Chain Cable
● Wire Harness
● Sensor Cable
● Fieldbus and Network Cable
CABLEFORCE leads the standard connectors of the office world into the harsh industrial world, we supplying lots of special customized cabling solution for different industrial Camera link, Vision control, Data input and output, Security Monitoring etc. CABLEFORCE Industrial I/O cables mainly included: 100Mbps to 10Gbps customized RJ45 related Ethernet connecting cables, customized D-Sub cable assemblies, customized USB 2.0/ 3.0 100Mbps to 5Gbps connecting cables, etc.

• RJ45, CAT 5E, CAT 6A, CAT 7 Ethernet cables
• USB 2.0, USB 3.0 data cable
• D-Sub, VGA monitoring connecting cable
• LSZH Fire retardant
• 360°EMC/ EMI Shielded
• Customized cable specification with single- or double-ended cord-sets
CABLEFORCE provides a wide range of cable and connector accessories from bulk cables, custom contacts, plastic parts and cable glands for customers.

● Bulk cables of PVC, PUR, EtherNet, DeviceNet, CANopen etc.
● Protection caps of both plastic and stainless steel with IP67 degree
● Custom connector components for PCBA or sensors
● Cable gland of both plastic or metal shielded version
● Cable conduit or Shrink tubes