CABLEFORCE offers tailor-made industrial Fieldbus and EtherNet cables. Our wide offering of fieldbus cables offers compatibility with most major fieldbus protocols, including PROFIBUS, DeviceNet™, CAN Bus, CC-Link and ASI Bus and industrial Ethernet PROFINET, EtherCAT, EtherNet/IP™ and other industrial Ethernet protocols with bandwidth from Cat 5e, Cat 6A to Cat7.

• PROFIBUS, DeviceNet, CANBus, CC-Link, PROFINET, EtherCAT, EtherNet/IP, NMEA 2000
• PVC, PUR, LSZH, NFPA130, Drag Chain various specific material available
• RJ45, D-SUB, M12 A-Coded, B-Coded, D-Coded, X-Code, L-Coded
• UV-resistant, Oil-resistant, Hydrolysis resistant
• IP67, -50℃ to 120℃
M5 circular connector is specially developed for the miniature sensor market and any application that requires multiple sensors within a very small area. This product line offers 3 and 4 Pins cable cord-sets and a range of panel-mounted receptacles. The connectors are either factory PVC or PUR cable over-molded which is very compact and convenient for the application in narrow installment places.

● Cable length base on customer requesting
● TPU over molded, IP67 protection degree
● 3, 4 poles per connector
● Operating voltage 60V
● current 1A
CABLEFORCE M8 connecting connectors and M8 cables are the optimal solution to put all common sensors, lights, Vision and FRID-products into operation. Different sizes and features enable the application in different fields. Cableforce connecting cables are characterized by a sturdy metal union nut, good stripping properties and a high protection class. It is one of the most commonly used connectors in the factory automation and sensor industry.

● 3P, 4P, 4P (2+2), 5P, 6P, 8 Pins per connector
● Dynamic -20 ~ 80℃, Static: -40 ~ 85℃
● Flexible custom cable bending endurance ≥10000 times
● Tailor made material to meet various application conditions
● Gold-plated solid phosphor bronze contacts ≥ 600 times mating life
● Durable PVC/PUR cables for use in wet rooms, under water as well as outdoor
● Good stripping and terminating properties
● Sturdy metal coupling screws with anti-vibration
● UV Resistant, Hydrolysis Resistant, 48 hours Salt Spray Test
● RoHS compliant
Cableforce manufacture and supply an extensive selection of M12 connecting cables for all major industrial automation cabling of signal control, data transmission and power supplying. We are good at and professional in providing with various material and tailor-made cable and connector solution for application-specific use around the world. We are quite experienced in the manufacturing of Sensor Cable, RFID cable, Industrial Ethernet Cable, Camera Link Cable, Fieldbus Cable, Rail Transit CCTV Cable, NMEA 2000 Boat Cable etc. We provide customers with the following cable custom services:

● Custom Material: Extreme Temperature Resistant, High Flexible, UV Resistance, Oil Resistance, LSZH, Hydrolysis Resistance, Anti-Corrosion;
● Connector Configuration: Single Ended, Double Ended, multi Ended, multi-core wire, mixed joint and other configurations;
● Mechanical Reliable: Mating Life, EMI/EMC Shielding, Waterproof, Dustproof, Anti Vibration, Abrasion Resistant, Bending Endurance, Drag Chain, Welding resistant, etc.;
● Transmission Performance: Bandwidth, Voltage and Current rating, Impedance and Measurement Accuracy, etc.
M16 Connectors is the circular connectors with threaded joint M16 designed to IEC 61076-2-106 and IEC 60130-9 with a robust metal housing and environmental protection rating of IP67 when mated, M16 connector is an ideal solution for power and signal transmission in harsh environments and industrial applications.

• Pole variants from 3 to 14 Pins
• Connectors with cable molded or field installable and panel mount receptacle
• IP67 degree of protection
• Robust metal connector shells
• Excellent EMI shielding
7/8 inch threaded locking mechanism connector is one of the most important connectors in factory automation and Fieldbus. The 7/8" connectors designed for both power supply and signal transmission, widely used in sensors and actuators, electric motors, packaging and transfer system, outdoor LED module, NMEA 2000 marine navigation and DeviceNet. CABLEFORCE developed and designed the 7/8" plugs and receptacles under the consideration of different harsh industrial conditions and climatic environments.

● 3P, 4P, 5Pin are available
● Molded cable type, field installable plugs, panel receptacles and T-Splitter options
● Custom cable specification
● Degree of protection IP 67
● Operating voltage 300V/250V;
● Current range: 13A, 8A